Dogs in Australia are currently allowed to be tied to the end of a rope or chain for 23 out of 24 hours a day!

The numbers of dogs dying across Australia is increasing as temperatures rise as a result of climate change.

With some of the the hottest states in the world Australia is experiencing an animal welfare crisis

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Queensland, Australian law states that it is possible for a dog to be left tied to the end of a rope or on a chain continuously for up to 23 hours and that is just inexcusable. It is impossible to monitor. The practice of tethering a dog outside unattended is now prohibited in some countries with effective results for a safer community and a life worth living for dogs. Positive testimonials exist where changes in law have been made to ensure that – no person shall tether a dog to a stationary or inanimate object as a means of confinement or restraint unless such person is outside with the dog, and the dog is always visible to the said person.

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Unattended Dog Tethering

Unattended Dog Tethering

Under the law in Queensland, it’s possible for a dog to be left tied to the end of a rope or on a chain continuously for up to 24 hours. Queensland’s Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 says if a dog is confined for 24 hours it has to be exercised  “or allowed to...


Dog Temperature Charts

Dog Chaining & Tethering is a global animal welfare crisis

(Warning: The image gallery below contains images of cruelty, suffering and death and should be viewed with caution)

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